Post-Vaccination Antibody Tests

If you’ve already received the COVID-19 vaccine (or if you’ve tested positive for COVID-19 in the past), it is important to do followup antibody testing to determine how your immune system has responded. We provide “quantitative” antibody testing, which measures how many antibodies are present in your system. Unlike “qualitative” antibody testing which only gives a “negative or positive ” result to whether you have antibodies, more advanced “quantitative” antibody testing also measures the volume of COVID-19 specific antibodies present in the blood. This information helps indicate the strength of your immune response to the virus and provides a more definitive answer about how well you are protected against reinfection in the future. If you are interested in scheduling a “quantitative” antibody test, please visit the COVID link on our main page.

If you are interested in booking a quantitative antibody test, please visit our booking website by clicking here and follow the steps.

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