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Full-Service Clinical Laboratory,  Providing Accurate, Timely Test Results

As a leader in the medical testing field, we employ the latest technology and innovations. BioCorp Clinical Laboratory,  a full-service clinical reference laboratory. We are one of the leading regional labs in the country, as we combine the extensive testing capabilities of a large laboratory with the convenience and personalized service of a local one.

Women’s Health


BioCorp Lab offers women anatomic and clinical pathology expertise and the latest molecular testing available in women’s health. Our community-based laboratories allow us to reduce the wait time for test results. Our reports include your clinical history and correlate all of your laboratory results in a single report.

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Infectious Disease

We offer testing for a wide range of infectious agents that significantly impact patient care and provide expertise in antimicrobial resistance; rapid organism identification by mass spectrometry; molecular methods for identification, quantification, and genotyping; and classic culture and stain techniques.

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Pathology Laboratory provides tertiary and reference testing services to all of Los Angeles County, including clinics, independent hospitals, and other reference laboratories. Our focus is continuous improvement in providing laboratory information to you. Please contact us for information

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Professional Management and Staff

Our knowledgeable laboratory technologists and phlebotomist are highly trained, friendly, and experienced, having served in some of the nation’s most prestigious medical centers.
Both the management and staff of BioCorp Clinical Laboratory are dedicated to providing a safe, private, and easy collection process for each and every patient served.

Confidentiality Assurance

We respect each patient’s right to privacy. We adhere to strict guidelines regarding patient confidentiality, ensuring that patients’ medical information will only be shared with appropriate medical personnel and professionals.
We are in full compliance with the government’s Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), protecting the confidentiality and security of each patient’s health care records.

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We’ve made it our mission to provide each client with a highly personal level of service unmatched within the industry.