Market Research Analyst:

Conduct research on existing and emerging markets in the diagnostic information services industry to support the company’s business development strategies.

Conduct market research using data from a wide variety of sources, including government and private databases, market publications, medical journals, client surveys, stakeholder interviews, and other relevant data sources.

Gather and analyze data on competitors’ operations, market shares, offered services, technologies, pricing, sales, and marketing strategies and complete competitive pricing and valuation reports.

Mine and process market research data using a variety of statistical tools, including correlation, regression, and variance analysis, to discern emerging trends and current market conditions.

Leverage in-depth knowledge of the diagnostic information services industry to develop actionable insights for company management and stakeholders, including growth propositions, marketing and sales targets, and client acquisition strategies.

Provide recommendations on product offerings, pricing schedules, technology purchasing, logistics, and distribution methods based on quantitative and qualitative research and perform ad-hoc financial analyses to assess the risks, benefits, costs, and feasibility of integrating new diagnostic services and technology products into the company’s existing operations.

Stay abreast of the latest technological advancements in the diagnostic services industry and develop predictive industry trends models to inform future product offerings and services.

Will supervise 1 subordinate Office Assistant and 1 peer Financial Assistant.

Requirements: The position requires a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Economics, or a related field with coursework in economics and quantitative methods. The position requires skills and knowledge in Financial modeling principles, business planning principles, business and asset valuation approaches, and risk management principles. The position involves some travel- 50% – 79% of work time, totaling 26-41 weeks per year.

40 hours/week.

Job Interview Site: Whittier, CA

Email Resume to: Biocorp Clinical Lab, Inc. at